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Saxgourmet STERLING SILVER tenor saxophone neck



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Very simply, the very finest neck available anywhere at any price. The elaborately hand engraved tube is 100% sterling silver and is our exclusive parabolic taper for perfect intonation. The nodal weights, bracing, and keywork are plated with brightly polished pure copper. The nodal points of the notes low C and low B are spiral threaded to add stability to these often troublesome lower tones. The parabolic shaped tube of the octave pip is rifled to eliminate hiss.

Our exclusive parabolic tube (NOT a straight sided cone!) assures perfect octave matching and effortless overtones.

The real difference between our neck and other necks on the market is that we understand the SCIENCE of what is going on inside the saxophone. If you would like to discuss the chart below (which shows the approximate positions of the nodes and what it  means to how your saxophone plays, just give us a call during our business hours. BTW, if you’re considering buying a neck from someone who can’t explain this diagram, you might just want to reconsider your decision.

177C1D27-A1DF-4BAD-AEDB-1922B4C5C59FAlthough expensive, sterling silver is the optimum material for making saxophone necks because it resonates so freely without significantly brightening the tone, making it sound thin and lacking projection. The use of sterling silver also offers the advantage of greatly increasing the dynamic range.

The tenon interior is threaded to create a “boundary layer” which stabilizes the low C and low B and enables these troublesome notes to be` produced at pianissimo levels.

The quicker response time inherent in sterling silver greatly aids in the production of notes in the altissimo range. By definition, these higher notes have shorter wavelengths and require more acoustic energy to produce. The greater resonance and compliance of sterling silver makes the production of these notes much easier!

Over the years, we have done a great deal of experimentation with adding mass at very specific nodal points to overcome the inherent “stuffiness” and lack of response found in certain notes. Our unique  nodal weight design overcomes these weak notes and adds eveness to the scale.

As long as there have been saxophones, the notes above A2 have been problematic. This is primarily due to a lack of understanding of the function of the octave pip itself. The pip functions by destroying the fundamental wave and allowing the first overtone (8v) to become dominant. The design of most pips tends to result in unwanted “hissing” and uncertain pitch and response. For the last 25 years, we have successfully developed and marketed our Saxgourmet Power Pips, which eliminate hiss through the creation of a boundary layer.

The tube of the neck is solid sterling silver (93.5% silver with tiny amounts of other metals for increased projection) and is hydroformed to extremely exacting tolerances using custom tooling  made specifically for each make and model.The interior wall thickness and taper is exactly controlled during this process, enabling us to manufacture a truly thin walled tube of even dimensions. Each tube is uniquely and very elaborately hand engraved down its entire length, with each example being sightly different from every other. The tube is fully supported and protected against pull downs with our unique semi-circular brace, which is attached to tube at the nodal points of G and D in order to improve the voicing of those notoriously stuffy sounding notes.

Each Saxgourmet Sterling Silver neck is engraved (not lasered) with a unique serial number so that the original owner can always be identified. The tube is presented in highly polished silver, while the octave key, braces, posts, and guides are all luxuriously plated with brightly polished 100% natural copper. The entire neck is sprayed with an ultra thin (3/10,000th) coat of electrostatically applied epoxy to preserve the finish and prevent tarnish

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