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Jack of Spades Wooden Tenor Mouthpiece


Product Description

The JACK OF SPADES is our newest and, if I do say so myself, finest mouthpiece design…’s unique in that the entire mouthpiece is carved from one piece of Grenadilla wood (the same material used for the very finest clarinets and oboes) which gives it an unparalleled richness in tone and quickness in response.

The JACK OF SPADES is a high baffle, medium large bullet chamber mouthpiece. Each one is hand faced and individually pay tested by Steve Goodson. The tip opening (one only) is .115. Each JACK OF SPADES comes with two different ligatures, our wooden ring style for darker, softer tones, and our heavily engraved multi-band Eldorado ligature for a brighter sound. It has an extremely complex tone with many different overtones.


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