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Saxworks SuperLig


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Product Description

We almost never offer products made by other companies unless it is a product that we actually use ourselves. Recently, an amazing ligature was brought to our attention by our long time friend and client, Norbert Stanchel. Frankly, we were amazed by the playing characteristics. The Saxworks SuperLig improves altissimo, evens out the timbre, quickens the response, increases the dynamic range, and enables a wider selection of playable reeds. SuperLig inventor Joel Harrison flew out to our offices in New Orleans to meet with us, and we were most impressed by the super premium quality of this product. The SuperLig is a 100% made in USA product, gold plated, and available in sizes to fit virtually any mouthpiece (be sure to specify the brand and model with your order). We know you will be just as amazed as we were!  A special cap and carry bag are included.superlig6 superlig5 superlig4 superlig3 superlig2 superlig1

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