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Rottweiler Alto Mouthpiece


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Product Description

THE SOUND: The Rottweiler alto is strictly “take no prisoners”….it’s bright, even brash, and raw. If you need unlimited power and projection, then the Rottweiler is for you. The name says it all.

 THE APPLICATION: The Rottweiler alto is designed specifically for use with amplified instruments in rock band formats. You need never fear a guitar slinger with a Stratocaster and a Marshall double stack again!


          MATERIAL: Gold plated bell quality brass

          BAFFLE: Long, straight, and high

          CHAMBER: Small and tight

          WALLS: Straight

          RAILS: Ultra thin

          WINDOW: Very, very large, almost huge!

          FACING LENGTH: Short (for better altissimo)

          CURVE: Pure radial



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