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18 Jul

SECRETS OF A GREAT PAD JOB As most of you know, I do a fair amount of design consulting for saxophone manufacturers outside of our own brands. Last week, I had a lengthy discussion with a factory owner who viewed some very small cost savings as being more important than the ultimate performance of the […]

The Manufacturing History of Conn and King

18 Jul

The Manufacturing History of Conn and King For the next couple of issues, I would like to divert the discussion of saxophone design to a review of the manufacturing history of a few prominent American makers. Tracing their evolution and contributions gives us a good perspective on how saxophones evolved, and I believe it is […]


17 Jul

Steve Goodson: Saxophone Designer, Visionary, and Guru By T. R. Johnson The saxophone has always been the province of the boldest innovators. When Antoine Joseph “Adolphe” Sax first developed the horn in the 1840s, his competitors tried to ruin him any number of times – twice, they made attempts on his life. But Sax knew […]

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