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05/25/2016 - Bill asks:
I have a 1942 Conn 10M that requires the mouthpiece to be placed close to the end of the neck to be in tune. Could the neck be short, as in someone previously cut it down or is that the inherent design? What do you recommend to fix it?


the question is “what pitch do you get when you play JUST the mouthpiece?” If it’s not a concert G2, that’s probably your problem. If you’re getting a G2,is the problem the same with different mouthpieces? let me know so I can give you the best advice!

05/24/2016 - Claude Hardin asks:
Are your saxophones made in China?


no……all of the horns we currently manufacture are made for us by Tenon, a Taiwanese company. Our horns are our original designs, and are available nowhere else….see this video

05/24/2016 - Jerry Jeff Johnson asks:
Is there any difference in the bore and necks of rolled tone hole 10M’s and straight tone hole 10M’s? Do the rolled tone holes change the sound?


They’re exactly the same dimensions…..the mandrel for the bows was replaced in 1947, but the replacement was the same specs…..rolled tone holes make no difference in the sound….none!

05/24/2016 - Jerry Mann asks:
Why do you put extra ribs on the low C, B, and Bb?


by attaching the key cups at 2 points instead of just 1, they are prevented from moving in a horizontal plane and leaking.

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05/16/2016 - John lewis asks: About my saxophone origin age is itany good "I have a silver saxophone markings regaltone 57 New Compton SIW.C.2. Perfected french manafacture . 4357 also8845 numberbelow thumb hold. Any information would be welcomed." Answer:
I haven't a clue.....there are a zillion "house brand" horns from a huge number of different manufacturers.....send me some clear, detailed pictures and maybe I'll recognize some features that will help identify it
04/28/2016 - Tonya asks: Tenor sax "We just received our tenor saxophone and there was a black circle plastic piece on the back. What is that? Is it supposed to be there?" Answer:
please send a picture......I don't have a clue what you are talking about
04/14/2016 - Bill Scavotto asks: Sax Neck Screws "Do you need 2 neck screws ? 1 for the neck and 1for the lyre in order produce a better sound. " Answer:
I am not contending that the screws alter the sound
02/04/2016 - Darien King asks: Vento saxophones "I have been looking at Vento saxophones and I want to know if it is a good brand." Answer:
why aren\'t you looking at our Saxgourmet saxophones?
01/04/2016 - Thad Noland asks: Tenor Key Clamps "Hi, there Steve. Happy New Year to you!\\r\\n\\r\\nI have a quick question regarding the your tenor sax key clamps:\\r\\n\\r\\n I see that you have the old style tenor clamps on clearance for $50. What are the differences between the old and new style clamps and is there an advantage to using the new design over the old?\\r\\n\\r\\nThanks for your time. All the best.\\r\\n\\r\\n - Thad" Answer:
the exterior coating on the old style is not as soft and the interior wire is not as springy
01/04/2016 - Gilbert asks: Thumb rest "Hello Steve. My name is Gilbert. Do your ergo thumb rests fit curved soprano saxes? If so are they all the same size?" Answer:
yes we do......
01/02/2016 - Alex asks: Conn 10m neck "I have a 65 conn 10m in great condition. I have 2 questions... One is in your opinion is there a difference between the 65 and a lady face from the earlier years? And number two is how could your neck improve the tone and the altissimo register on my horn? Thanks " Answer:
if you own a 1965 10M, it has a double socket neck, which we don\'t currently manufacture. The later 10M\'s are dimensionally identical to the earlier versions, but have some minor keywork and cosmetic variations.
12/14/2015 - Hayden asks: Necks "What are the main differences between the evolution tenor neck, and the one with the nodal weights. " Answer:
taper and materials
11/24/2015 - Hayden Eighmy asks: Yamaha neck "Hello Steve, I\\\'m in the market to buy a new neck for my Yamaha 62 tenor. I\\\'ve been looking at the V1 neck from Yamaha as it has the largest bore size for a bigger sound. How would you compare both models of your neck to this one. And what would be the advantages of buying your neck vs the Yamaha neck. " Answer:
the Yamaha neck is basically a straight cone....if you will play the overtone series on your horn, you will note that the overtones get progressively sharper as they increase in must compensate for this by using a parabolic cone taper, which we do......the two necks have different average diameters (the Evolution is larger) and are made from different materials: the Evolution is copper, which is darker.
10/17/2015 - Crystal asks: Ligature "Ok, so my Alto Sax friends are telling me that a leather ligature HAS to go outward instead of inward, because it effects the tone of the saxophone. Is this true?? Or does it even matter??" Answer:
I don't understand what you mean.....
10/13/2015 - joe nickerson asks: cases "hi steve.. couldn\'t find any info on what type of case the super 400 comes in.. and I assume my otto link ny will fit the necks no prob.. thanks.. ????\r\n" Answer:
the case is a leather covered rectangular wood `fully lined with slots for BOTH necks.....the hardware is brass
10/11/2015 - joe nickerson asks: super 400 "steve I seriously plan to buy a super 400 from you but I have 2 questions:\r\n\r\nmy credit card limit is 3 grand.. I bought a yts custom Z tenor and and an ex875 soprano from quin the esximo (sic) on ebay 6 years ago and paid direct bank transfer.. it\'s the best and goes through fast.. is that ok with you? just need an iban number nowdays..\r\n\r\nalso, I much prefer the low yamaha action to high selmer action, so will I be comfortable on a super 400? hope so!\r\n\r\nok.. when you have time.. I will be ready somewhere around xmas time..\r\n\r\nthank you, sincerely\r\n\r\njoe nickerson" Answer:
check your email......
10/01/2015 - Michael Elswick asks: 1963 Buffet Tenor, SDA, Sparkle Lacquer "I\'ve been repairing for 43 years but I haven\'t seen one of these. It still has the original screw in pads which have gone south. It is also in mint condition. I was thinking about putting chocolate Roo pads in it. Any words of wisdom or warnings? By the way, I was at your house about 3 years ago during Jazz Fest. Charles Neville walked in while we were talking. He wanted to borrow a horn from you for a performance that day. \r\nThanks for anything you can pass on to me.\r\n\r\nMichael " Answer:
try the new extreme 'roo's simply the finest pad available at any might want to consider enlarging the resonators.....the original ones are far too small
09/17/2015 - john stokes asks: Selmer model 26 soprano d sharp trill pearl "Hi Steve I find that playing up from low d to e I am still fingering the trill pearl\r\nHence playing a double d.would it be a done thing to modify the e pearl ; make it higher so I clear the trill button.thanks john uk res" Answer:
I don't see anything wrong with lowering that trill key pearl......I always found that particular system difficult to use
08/24/2015 - Terry Bedford asks: Gourmet sax thumb rest "Hi Steve do you make your thumb rest in black as shown on you tube" Answer:
yes we do......go to the Thumbrests category on the top menu
08/23/2015 - Terry Bedford asks: Gourmet thumb rest "Hi Steve, do you make a black one like you use on you tube" Answer:
yes we do......
08/23/2015 - Terry Bedford asks: Gourmet saxophone thumb rest "Hi Steve do you make the thumb rest in black like the one on you tube" Answer:'s on our site
08/15/2015 - Yoni Kretzmer asks: Wooden 10* mouthpiece "Dear Steve,\r\nI would like to know whether you take custom orders? \r\nI\'m interested in ordering a 10* wooden Jack of Spades mouthpiece, would that be possible?\r\n\r\nMany thanks\r\nYoni" Answer:
sure.....we can do a custom opening.....please define 10* in terms of thousandths of an inch.....we charge the basic shop rate ($100/hr) over and above the cost of the mouthpiece for custom facing
08/10/2015 - bill asks: king super 20/silver sonic "My father passed away 5 years ago and left me a 1960\'s King Super 20 Silver Sonic Tenor Saxophone. In want to sell it but don\'t know what amount to sell it for. Is there someone who might know? My serial number is 433160. It looks like the keys are mother of pearl, but I don\'t know if the bell and neck are silver. I suspect it was made in either 1967 or 1968. It looks like it is gold plated and engraved and in fantastic condition considering my father only used it very rarely. Had it serviced about 4 years ago and has since only sat in it\'s case. Thank you" Answer:
see our Vintage Saxophone Value Guide at be sure to read the preface in order to make the necessary adjustments!
08/09/2015 - Bernardo tapia asks: Music "Mr goodson where can i find some of your music and can you recomend a shop for an overhaul on my alto. " Answer:
send your horn to the Pro Shop at they are the very best in the world I never recorded any original music
08/05/2015 - Stephan asks: Need a good mouthpiece for a Martin Committee II "Hi Steve,\r\nI want a good mouthpiece for a Martin Committee II. Prefereably to emphasize the old deep and fat sound of that sax.\r\nWhat would you suggest?\r\n\r\nthanks\r\n\r\nStephan" Answer:
alto or tenor?
08/02/2015 - Anthony Patrizio asks: Necks for C- Melody sax "I have a neck that came with my Conn and it looks like an alto neck with the tuner nob on it. I was wondering if you have a tenor-looking neck that would fit\r\nthis C- Melody Sax. Are all the neck diameters for C- Melody the same?\r\nThanks, " Answer:
there is a HUGE variation in C-Melody necks, just as there is with all saxophone necks. Beware of anybody who tries to tell you that "one size fits all"...... unfortunately, we're not in the C-Melody business
08/02/2015 - Dave Hurley asks: soloing lessons "Steve,\r\nGreetings from Nerdalicious World Headquarters up here in Portsmouth Virginia! I am interested in finding out who or where is a great place to learn soloing and improvisational lessons from. It\'s the next step for me as the classical training has had me ... stalled and wanting to do a lot more with my capabilities. (dayjob and family obligations aside) I know you are pretty booked and my current instructor is classical style only. I love jazz (some forms, not most) and indie rock primarily. I have a bari and alto in my inventory (yours) and am currently focused on the alto, but bari is where my heart lies. Please let me know what your ideas are when you can.\r\nthanks,\r\nDave Hurley" Answer:
contact Tim Price......he gives great lessons via Skype.....tell him you're my third cousin
07/31/2015 - Karen asks: alto sax mute "Hi,\r\nI am interested in purchasing one of your alto sax mutes, but the international\r\nshipping charge of $75 is rather steep in relation to the cost of the mute. \r\n\r\nDo you have a distributor in Canada perhaps?\r\n\r\nThanks.\r\n" Answer:
Sorry, we only sell our products on this website......unfortunately, international postage rates are beyond our control
07/24/2015 - Alan Kays asks: Couf Superba I Alto Intonation and Neck Concerns "Steve, I purchased my H Couf Superba1 alto new while a music major at the U of Houston in/around 1979/80. My sax teacher was upset at not buying a Selmer and claimed time and time again the horn played out-of-tune and suggested I investigate necks. No internet or access to that concept at that time, so I eventualIy moved on to another career and started playing in a community band about 6-years ago. The horn has been a constant problem in the upper register. Mid and lower register corrected with stronger reed. A local tech put new Roo pads on it about 4-years ago and problems still persisted. They looked at it again a few months ago and opened the keys up against my wishes, claiming they just set it to spec. Well, its worse. From D2 on up it 15-25 cents sharp. So I am wondering if it really could be the neck? The intonation is fine until activating the octave key. I just need some direction. Music Medic wanted $1700-$2200 to re-do the horn and doubt its the neck. The horn is only worth about $2200 per your prices, so I am not sure what to believe or how much to invest. I have a 4 year old Custom Z tenor and its pretty spot on so I know its the horn. Can you give me some direction? Thanks, Alan Kays from Houston." Answer:
if you have technicians trying to resolve intonation problems, you seriously need to find someone who knows what they are doing, because that won't work......our Evolution solid copper neck will greatly improve intonation and response.....we make a model that is appropriate for your horn
07/04/2015 - jake madonia asks: sax case "hi, i just bought a yamaha custom ex, and i love the case but since its made of leather i don\'t want it to get dinged up do to gigging and travel. is there some sort of canvas cover to zip my case up in that acts as a shell over the leather to preserve it" Answer:
I believe that several companies make case covers.....I'm not in that business, but it shouldn't be too hard to find somebody who is
05/28/2015 - Chris DeLouis asks: New Case "Hey Steve, I just got a 1925 Conn New Wonder II Baritone from an old teacher and the case is completely falling apart so I need a new one. I\'m a recent college graduate so I most likely can\'t afford the BAM case and I\'m not really interested in a soft shell case. What are your suggestions?" Answer:
ProTec is a good value for the money
05/17/2015 - Heather Strong asks: Blessing Saxophone "Hello,\r\nI was thinking of selling my Alto Sax because I just don\'t play anymore but I don\'t know what is a reasonable price to ask for it. On the bell there is an engraving that says, \"Blessing Elkhart Indiana\". I have learned from my high school music teacher that it has an extra key near the alternative for the B flat. The serial number for my sax is 701680 and under that it says Taiwan. I was just hoping for some information because I am having little luck looking it up online. \r\nThank you for your help,\r\nHeather Strong " Answer:
I am not familiar with that model
05/12/2015 - Ben C asks: Travel Cases for S400 Tenor "I have one of the first-series Super 400 Tenors and need to know which brand Travel Cases will fit it as I need to check it as luggage on an airplane. Any help is appreciated - thanks and still love the horn to this day!" Answer:
Get an Anvil......there's really nothing else as good......I've used them for years
05/07/2015 - Stew Taylor asks: YANAGISAWA student Alto "Hi Steve;\r\n\r\nI have a YANAGISAWA student model alto sax serial # 3701126.\r\nMade in Japan with Yang symbol on the neck key and at the serial number.\r\nIt only has 1 palm key \"D\" and no bell keys ( B & Bb missing )\r\nThere is a tone hole for the \"B\" at the back of the bell. \r\nThese keys are not missing \r\n- the instrument was obviously made for young students to begin on.\r\nDo you have any info on the sax?" Answer:
I never saw one like that!
04/15/2015 - Mikey Rivera asks: Alto sax power pip set "Hi mr.Goodson I have a student interested in purchasing a set of your power pips for an alto yanagisawa 991 model. Do you have this in stock or is it custom order? Please let me know so I could tell him. Thanks for your time as always best wishes." Answer:
Yes…..they are in stock!
04/10/2015 - Bruno asks: Cuello para buffet super dynaction (28mm) "Yo necesito un cuello para mi saxophone tenor buffet super dynaction\r\nNecesito que usted me envie informacion sobre el cuello que puedo comprar.\r\nLa medida exterior para el cuello es de 28mm \r\nEspero que sea posible enviar a españa\r\nGracias" Answer:
sorry, English ONLY
04/01/2015 - Odd Henning Utterdahl asks: Saxophones "Hello, from Norway. Does your saxophones including hard case/bag ? I am in the market for a tenor-sax. For home entertainment, melody, all-round and not screaming stage work. Have bin recommended Keilwerth and Yanagisawa T992 Brass. For their high build quality and intonation. I like dynamic and pianissimo qualities. What model of your horns will you recommend ? You answer to my mail, please ?" Answer:
All of our saxophones come with a hard shell case…..look at our new Super 400 Series II
03/30/2015 - Petre Cornel bogdan asks: Neck sax "Hy i from rominia...i have sax tenor mark vi silver...and i want change your neck ..vers dark....please help-me..." Answer:
order our Evolution solid copper neck… works very well on Mk VI horns
03/26/2015 - deana dickerson asks: Alto Sax LeBlanc (Paris, France, semi-rationelle, SN 523) "I have a LeBlanc alto sax (SN 523, Paris France) purchased mid 50s but in excellent condition that I now want to sell. I am told it is a semi-rationelle design worth up to $2000.. What are the best sites to list this instrument for sale and how can I reach potential buyers who might appreciate this quality instrument?" Answer:
eBay reaches the largest market
03/05/2015 - Harley asks: 1920\'s mpc for 1925 Buescher tenor sax "Hello Steve, Hope all is well with you, Jimmy Carpenter, who plays one of your tenors, referred me to your site. I have a 1926 silver plate Buescher Tenor Sax. It doesn\'t play well with new mouthpieces. I have located two 1920 mpc\'s for sell. A Buffet-Crampon L ebony and a Selmer Table C. I am hopeful that purchasing a mpc made during the same era as the horn will produce a stable sound. Would you please give me your opinion on the mpc\'s that I am looking at and anyother input that would be helpful in making a determination of what mpc to buy.\r\nThanks Harley" Answer:
Get our Black Beauty….it will far outplay either of the mouthpieces you referenced
02/18/2015 - Joe Whiting asks: King Zephyr Special "Hi Steve;, I came across a King Zephyr Special Tenor. The case is shot, the horn stinks, no silver neck, the finish is pitted, it needs a complete overhaul and cleaning. It does have the double socket neck and the serial # is 271014. All mother of pearl touches are intact and engraving is still sharp. The lacquer is original and hasn\'t been played in many years. Is it worth putting the money into ? I play a Conn 10M circa 1962 with your Super Duck .120 mp. As always, thanks Steve. Joe" Answer:
without an original neck, which would probably be impossible to find, no
02/18/2015 - Mark Rushing asks: Saxophone Mute "I love my new mute and have a question about it. I was very surprised at how light it was. I know you use heavy metals like copper on your horns, and wonder if a copper mute might sound different. Why is it so light in weight?" Answer:
If you use metals that are heavy, you then change the balance of the horn significantly. Even a couple of ounces makes a big difference. Minimal weight is the only way to go.
02/17/2015 - Roland Lenard asks: Custom Engraving on Saxgourmet Super 400 "The standard engraving is beautiful, but I would like more! What would it cost to have my name engraved on the bell rim instead of the floral pattern?" Answer:
Roland......'m sorry, but we don't currently offer that option......HOWEVER, I'll be happy to introduce you to my friend Jaice DuMars or my friend Sherry Huntley......either of them could do a great job for you!
02/17/2015 - Gary Ecks asks: Rolled Tone Holes "Steve,\r\nWhy do you use rolled tone holes on some models, but straight tone holes on others? I would have thought that one or the other would have proven clearly superior. Please explain" Answer:
the answer is that some customers prefer the "feel" of one type over another. There is absolutely NO acoustic difference
01/29/2015 - Dave Jarman asks: Evette Tenor Sac "Hi Steve,\r\n\r\nI just bought a closet tenor sax that is labeled \"Evette\". The serial number is N135693. It looks like a 1960\'s horn, but I can\'t find a cross reference to the serial # on any of the sax web sites. You are my go to guy for all things saxy. Got any idea what this horn really is? It was less than $200 and plays well so if it\'s a nuthin\' I won\'t feel bad" Answer:
If it's in good shape, that can be a real bargain. They sourced horns sold under the Evette brand name from many different factories. The serial numbers mean nothing due to all of the different sources.
01/23/2015 - Corey Morris asks: Baffle Designs "Hi Steve, it\'s been quite some time since I\'ve had a question, hope all is well. I\'m curious about the geometry of two styles of high baffles as they transition into the chamber. Some mouthpiece models go with a straight cliff that simply drops off into the chamber, whereas others go with the \"bullet\" style. What, if any, effect does this have on the mouthpiece on how it sounds/responds. Thank you!" Answer:
the only real difference is the overall volume. I don't think the shape of the transition has much to do with anything.
01/23/2015 - Delores Clinton asks: to buy different neck for my crampon 400 alto what size I ne "I want to enhance sound of my sax selmer a much in price but will buy if it will improve the sound can you suggest another one?" Answer:
get our Evolution model. We make one specifically for your horn.
01/21/2015 - Mark Austen asks: Saxgourmet Sax Mute all Soprano to Tenor "Hi Steve,\r\n\r\nI\'m a Blind Saxophonist base in the UK. I have played Jazz mainly from the 30\'s on with a number of bands. My Jazz name is \'Blindy\' Austen.\r\nI practice as much as I can and have tried various ways of muting my Sax when practicing. (although my neighbours are fairly understanding)\r\n\r\nI have heard your demonstration of the Saxgourmet Saxophone Mute on YouTube and think it would enable me to practice for hours without disturbing anybody. \r\n\r\nI have searched the net for a UK supplier of the Mute without a great deal of success. Could you please advise where or if I can buy at the your Sax Mute in the UK.\r\n\r\nBest regards,\r\n\r\nMark \'Blindy\' Austen" Answer:
we don't sell our products through dealers, only off this website. We ship worldwide, and have many customers in the UK.
01/20/2015 - Mike Medley asks: Sax Necks "Hi, Steve!\r\n\r\nI have interest in replacing a few necks for my horns. I have a \"matching set\" of NY anodized nickel Dave Guardala alto and tenor saxes, though I think they are the B&S-manufactured ones. They were the last ones of the set that WWBW had when I had a theft of my first MkVI tenor in 2006. The Guardalas came with two necks - silver and the nickel plated to match the horns. Both necks on both horns sound a bit bright to my taste. On my alto, neither neck cares for metal mouthpieces (Bari, Larsen, Link, JodyJazz) - they balk and misbehave in various/different registers. For my tenor, the Ponzol M2 Plus in gold plate and a metal Brillhart are difficult to play on the horn. The Ponzol HR plays just fine, as do a C* (round chamber), and Rousseau New Classic. For the alto, Meyer, Rousseau, Semer Larry Teal, Jody Jazz HR all play fine. I also have a MkVI tenor (another) that has a somewhat crushed neck. It does not play very well at all. \r\n\r\nWhat can you offer for these different situation/setups?\r\n\r\nThanks!!!\r\n\r\nMike Medley" Answer:
We make our Evolution model neck in different models, including models specific for your Selmer and your B&S Guardala. It's the best choice
01/07/2015 - David Carpenter asks: Baritone Saxophone "Hi Steve, I have a Voodoo Master Alto and LOVE it!! I noticed you don\'t have any Baritones on your site for sale anymore. Have you stopped making them? If not when will more be available? It was going to be my next horn and I want to be one of yours.\r\n\r\nThanks!!" Answer:
We're between models! Watch for our Super 400 baritone late in 2015
01/01/2015 - Tim Rummelhoff asks: Balanced Action mods "Hello:\r\n Just wondering if it’s possible to modify both of the thumb rests of my 1937 Selmer Balanced Action tenor without any soldering.\r\n Although I love the sound of my Selmer BA tenor, I just can’t get used to the thumb rests. \r\n Is there any easy modification to adapt modern thumb rests to my horn?\r\n\r\nThanks!\r\n\r\nTim\r\n-- \r\nTim Rummelhoff\r\nTim Rummelhoff Photography\r\n5329 France Ave S.\r\nMinneapolis, MN 55410 USA\r\nOffice: 612 927-5953 \r\nCell: 612 418-9803\r\n\r\nYou can view my portfolio here:\r\n\r\n" Answer:
sure you just need to remove your current thumb rest and install a "modern" style backing can buy them from Allied Supply......they install in about 5 minutes
12/30/2014 - Joyce Carter asks: vintage mouthpieces "Hi. Can you tell me or direct me to a site where I can find out the differences between C melody mouthpieces and tenor mouthpieces. I also have some vintage mouthpieces that I thought were altos but not sure now. Seems like they are all different lengths from very short to too long. I am definitely confused. Thank you for your help.\r\nJoyce" Answer:
the difference is in size......not overall length, but in the volume of the chamber
12/26/2014 - Robert Crabtree asks: SG Mouthpiece "Steve, \r\nI recently bought a tenor mouthpiece for the bay. It was listed as a Saxgourmet outhpiece but it only has an \"SG\" on it. One of yours from sometime back? There are no other markings on it and it appears to be hard rubber (plastic?) with a golf ring around the base. What can you tell me about it?\r\nThanks and Happy Holidays.\r\n-Robert" Answer:
we made a series of plastic mouthpieces such as you described for a while
07/31/2014 - Steve Hall asks: Neck enhancer "Hi Steve! What can you tell me about the neck enhancer? Sounds too good to be true. BTW, I have a \'53 Martin Indiana tenor.\r\n\r\n" Answer:
07/28/2014 - John Clyde asks: Saxophone design question "When you added the high G key to your horns, how did you keep the body length the same as \"regular\" horns?" Answer:
The simple answer is this: the body tube is longer and the neck is shorter....the OVERALL length, of course, is the same.
07/26/2014 - Tom Tapscott asks: Response to Tyler "Tyler: get the Bob Fils! I bought one some time back to use as a \"back-up\" horn, but it\'s way more than that. I firmly believe it\'s the \"best kept secret\" in the saxophone world! There\'s simply nothing like it in that price range.\r\n\r\nSorry Steve, I just had to put in my 2-cents worth!" Answer:
Thanks, the last couple of weeks, Bon Fils have been selling at a record pace.....I guess the word is getting around!
07/25/2014 - Buster Barnes asks: straight vs. curved alto "What (if any) is the advantage of a straight alto over a conventional alto?" Answer:
none that I know of......they do sound very DIFFERENT to the player because the sound is directed toward the's a matter of perception, not reality.......if you analyze the spectrum, it's the same
07/25/2014 - Tom Tapscott asks: Vito Saxes "They\'re everywhere...and several different models/manufacturers it seems!\r\nCustomer dropped one off; serial number begins with a \"V\". Haven\'t seen one of those before. Key guards look like Conn, but rest of the horn looks like other Vitos I\'ve seen from the 60\'s/70\'s. Any ideas?" Answer:
That sounds to me like one of the early Kenosha made horns....please send some pictures and maybe I can tell you more
07/25/2014 - Tyler asks: Alto Sax "Hello sir. I am currently looking for an great alto for both classical and jazz in a very low price range. (Preferably under a grand- \r\n$1500 would be pushing it) I\'m currently stuck on a Bundy II and curious orwn your take on this.\r\nThank you" Answer:
take a look at our Bon Fils alto....In think it will fit both your needs and your budget.....let me know your questions
07/25/2014 - Carlos Guarnieri asks: Evette (1920 -25?) serial 568 "Hi Steve! A friend has a Buffet Crampon, Evette model and we would like to know what the price would be for sale. Silver plated almost 100%.\r\n\r\nThanks in advance\r\n\r\nBest wishes!\r\n\r\nCarlos" Answer:
There were many versions sold as Evette......please send me lots of clear, detailed pictures so I can identify it for you
06/12/2014 - Rod Berry asks: H. Couff Bari Neck Dimensions "Hi Steve, Here are the dimensions for the bari neck: Inside Diameter Top: .521 Inside Diameter Bottom: .805 Outside Diameter Bottom: .882 Bottom Neck Tenon Length: .665, 7.60 is the neck length. This is determined by placing the top of the neck (mouthpiece end) on a steel scale and rolling the neck till it rotates to the bottom of the tenon. I guess we could call the exterior top side length. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Rod" Answer:
have you contacted Herb Couf?
06/12/2014 - Chas Miller asks: Synthetic Reeds "I am curious in the difference between your synthetic reed and fibracell, i have been playing for about a year and half now; ever since my friend turned me on to synthetic reeds, love them. just wondering how yours compares to fibracell, i always look to find the best product on the market. thanks Chas Miller" Answer:
Our reeds are made from an entirely different material and have an entirely different profile
06/05/2014 - Rod Berry asks: replacement neck "Hi Steve, Hope your beautiful bride is still on the mend !!! I have a H. Couff low A bari that Herb picked for me a long time ago and I am looking for a replacement neck. I had 2 necks and one has grown legs and wondered off. The missing one I used for classical work. I use an old Selmer D for classical playing. What do you recommend ? Thanks Rod" Answer:
I honestly don't know……I'd need the specs on that bari…..I don't have one of that model here
05/27/2014 - Hayden asks: Looking at a new sax "I've been using a yamaha 62-iii tenor for some time now and am looking to upgrade. What horns should I look for in the $3000 dollar range? " Answer:
Our Voodoo Mster
04/29/2014 - Loren Peters asks: SAXRAX Bari head for bass stand "Do you have this piece? I tried ordering from another vendor and they say it is backordered." Answer:
Am correct that you need one for a SaxRax stand that you have? If so, which version (a picture would help) as there are a couple of different ones…..feel free to call my office during business hours and I'll be glad to try to help you
03/29/2014 - DICKIE ROSSER asks: tenors "i got a gourmet maybe 6 or 7 years ago from jim at LA sax.Last week it was stolen.i'm a pro playing with johnny dee and rocket 88's in ATX.i was wondering which horn is closest to the one i had.i think they told it was you batch of gourmets.this is the best horn i have ever owned and want another." Answer:
Dickie: The Super 400 is probably the most similar, but it's far, far better… has many more features, and the playability is considerably improved. Give me a call at 504-324-3850 with your questions.
03/19/2014 - Troy Perry asks: What reeds match which mouthpieces? "Just putting this in so you can answer for everyone what you just told me on the phone. \\r\\n\\r\\nWhat reeds match best with each of your mouthpieces? \\r\\n\\r\\nI know there are lots of factors, but you just explained to me that La Voz medium-soft match up best with my new Blues Blaster Tenor and 1926 Buescher Aristocrat. That was really helpful, since I\\\'m just starting out on sax. Thanks!" Answer:
I\'ll get this information together in the near future and post it……maybe listing a suggested reed for each different mouthpiece
03/18/2014 - william asks: mouthpiece "A friend of mine has one of your silver metal mouthpieces #8, he bought it used from another sax player. I played the mouthpiece, and found it suited my playing style. but I can\\\'t find where to buy one. could you help me\\r\\nthanks" Answer:
We haven\'t made any of that specific model for about ten years.......if you like that one, get our Blues Blaster\'s really better, but \"blows\" about the same so it should suit you just fine.....if you have any questions, feel free to call me during business hours and I\'ll be happy ot answer any of your questions
03/15/2014 - Roland Lenard asks: Vintage Horn Parts "I have several old horns that I\\\'ve picked up at yard sales and thrift stores that need missing parts. Is there any source for vintage horn parts?" Answer:
Allied Supply has some.....the manufacturers rarely stock parts for anything other than current, particularly necks, are often impossible to find
03/15/2014 - Hollis Chatterfield asks: Pad Materials "Why haven\\\'t synthetic materials become common for saxophone pads. It looks to me like they might be better in many regards." Answer:
There have been several attempts over the years to use alternative materials. Selmer USA once made a series of horns with all neoprene pads. The simple fact of the matter is that leather (particularly kangaroo leather) works best, is readily available, and inexpensive.
03/10/2014 - Emilee Griffith asks: Bari Sax Low Rider Jazz Mouthpiece "Hello, I was wondering what the return policy on mouthpieces are. The Low Rider bari mouthpiece sounds awesome, but I was just curious in case I purchased one and it didn\\\'t work for me. Thanks!\\r\\n\\r\\n- Emilee Griffith" Answer:
See our Terms of Service and call me (504) 324 - 3850 with your questions. It\'s all there in black and white so there cannot possibly be any misunderstandings.
03/05/2014 - andreas asks: saxgourmet roopads resonators color "Hi Steve,\\r\\nI\\\'ve just been chatting with some of the guys. They say: the finish/color of the resonators do not have an effect on the projection of the horn. I will buy the airtight resonator but wich color? Is there really no difference between silver or gold? Or brass and copper? It cant be only a aesthetic decission? \\r\\ngreetings from berlin\\r\\nandreas" Answer:
The color does not matter, but the material makes a big difference! We use copper in our horns, and believe it gives the broadest spectrum of sound.
03/04/2014 - Robert Peart asks: Category Five Tenor "I understand that pretty much everything on the Category Five is handmade, and is put together by a master technician who most likely has twice the amount of patience that I do, but why is it $15,000? I\\\'m just curious is all.\\r\\n\\r\\nSincerely, \\r\\n\\r\\nBobby Saxx" Answer:
Why wouldn\'t it be $15,000? There\'s nothing else like it anywhere at any price......BTW, there is currently a waiting list for Category Fives.....and yes, everybody who has ordered one paid $15,000
02/18/2014 - James Walden asks: Conn tenor c97888 1964 Elkhart Ind "I believe my horn originally had the double socket neck. Does you Conn neck work on this horn? Thanks, James 702-526-3982 30mm outer, 28.25 mm inner." Answer:
We only manufacture single socket necks…..I am unaware of anyone making double socket necks at this time
02/16/2014 - Mel Garcia asks: Bari sax case "Hello, I have a Yanagisawa 992 bari, it\'s 11 years old and still in great shape but the case is beat to shit.\r\nDo you have a bari case that\'s a bit lighter than my stock case, with wheels and decent storage space?" Answer:
We are out of the case business......we just can't find a case that meets our standards at a price we will pay
02/15/2014 - Will Card asks: Why the ridges on resonators? "I really like the look of the resonators you use on your Saxgourmet horns. Besides looking great, do the ridges have an acoustic function?" Answer:
The ridges on the resonators serve only to increase the surface area.....they have no acoustic function outside of presenting a larger resonating surface......the exposed leather of the pad acts like a sponge and absorbs the sound......for this reason, the resonators should be as large as possible and the exposed pad leather kept to an absolute minimum.
02/14/2014 - Jeremiah Strickland asks: polishing the interior "Wouldn't polishing the inside of the horn make the air flow better?" Answer:
no....a slight roughness creates a "boundary layer" which acts as a lubricant and reduces friction. This is the same reason a golf ball has dimples. The reduction in friction allows the wave to pass more easily through the horn. It's the wave that matters, not the air!
02/13/2014 - Bill Moon asks: LA Sax serial numbers "I know you worked for LA Sax and wondered if you have a list of serial numbers that would enable me to date my alto. It\'s a black horn with gold keys and says LA Sax on the bell. It has a high G key and an extra front key just below the B. I have had it since 2006, and have always been very happy with it." Answer:
There's only one model series of LA Sax that has the high G key and upper stack speaker key: the 750/850 alto and tenor. These horns were built by Foo Pin in Taiwan, and I always thought they were the very best horns to ever wear that name. LA ax serial numbers are not and never were sequential and mean nothing. They are useless for dating a horn or identifying a specific model.
02/13/2014 - Will Holley asks: Altissimo Octave Key "I\'m the proud owner of one of your Steve Goodson Model tenors with the altissimo octave key. This key has really helped me get my altissimo notes into tune, and I really think it makes them easier to produce. I have two questions: first, it two keys are good, wouldn\'t three keys work better, since the altissimo hey is having to cover over an octave\'s worth of notes; and (2) Why did you ever quite making such a great horn?" Answer:
Nice to hear from you, Will! Yes, more octave keys would be better from an acoustic point of view. In fact, twelve would be the perfect number, with a dedicated octave key for every semi-tone of the chromatic scale. Unfortunately, that would be a mechanical nightmare, so it's just not practical. Yes, those were great horns. We haven't manufactured that model in over eight years, although an improved version of the altissimo system is used on our Category Five tenor. Many of the features found on the Steve Goodson Model will be found on the Category Three model when we decide to introduce it.
02/11/2014 - bob ackerman asks: sax neck sizes "I understand you have a listing of all the neck sizes (at the tip and maybe the beginning of the tenon) for vintage and modern sax\'s. \r\nHow do I see that?\r\n" Answer:
We don't publish that information
02/10/2014 - Angelo asks: Sax Thumb Rest/Hook "Hi Steve I was wondering if you supply your good friend Curt from Music Medic your Sax thumb rest?\r\nit looks just like your model!" Answer:
send me one of Curt's and I'll be happy to compare them for you
02/07/2014 - Maurice Harris asks: Who makes what? "Is there a resource somewhere that will tell me which factories in Asia make which saxophone brands? Are the horns made in the same factory the same except for the brand name on them?" Answer:
Insofar as I know, no such resource exists. I've had dealings with most of the Taiwanese factories and many of the major Chinese factories, and pretty much know (or can tell by examining a horn) which factory made it. Most of the factories will make anything youn want. The horns made for different brands are almost never the same.
02/05/2014 - Hayden asks: High g key "Hi Steve, I was wondering if you could let me know which tenors on the market come with keys up to high g.\r\n\r\nThank you,\r\nHayden" Answer:
There may be others ( although I try, I have not seen EVERY horn on the market today!), but insofar as I know, only the Saxgourmet Super 400 offers a high G.....I will certainly stand for correction if I'm wrong
02/03/2014 - Brandon Dorris asks: Big thumb ring on Conn New Wonder II Soprano "My soprano is one of my prized possessions, but the thumb rest kills me - both uncomfortable and in the way in the case. Do you know of any ways people have adjusted/customized?" Answer:
take it off and replace it with a modern style thumb can get the base and hardware from Allied Supply......add our Saxgourmet thumb rest and you'll be very comfortable.....all it takes is very basic soldering skills.......let me know if I can help
02/03/2014 - Joey Hart asks: Low Bb Bari\'s Sound Better? "I\'ve heard lots of people say that a low Bb bari always sounds better than a low A bari. Is this true, and if it is, why?" Answer:
There is absolutely no reason this should be the case, unless the horn is poorly designed. There's a guy in Brazil building them down to low G with no problem. All you have to do is pay attention to the math. Of course, it is necessary to actually KNOW the math in the first place!
02/01/2014 - Charles Wallace asks: Centering Keys "I have noticed that on almost every saxophone I have examined there are at least some keys that are not centered over the tone hole. Is it possible to center these keys, and if so, how do you do it? Is it a problem than some of the keys are off centered? All of the pads seem to seal perfectly. I can\'t figure out how to fix this!" Answer:
I've done that a few times, and honestly believe it is an awful lot of work for a very marginal benefit. It actually DOES make the horn feel a little better in your hands. You center the key cup over the tone hole by bending the arm which attaches the cup to the rod. It takes a lot of trial and error, and you have to be super careful to avoid damaging the keys. Most keys are aligned plenty well enough from the factory. Like most other things in life, you pay a lot for that last 5% of perfection.
02/01/2014 - Harry Conoley asks: Wooden resonators "I took your advice and got a copy of the Ernest Ferron book \"The Saxophone Is My Voice\". It\'s a real treasure trove of information. He suggests using ebony wood discs as resonators and gluing them directly to the pad leather. I would like to hear your thought on this." Answer:
I did try that......I had a friend make a beautiful set of ebony resonators, custom sized for one of my Selmers....I glued them on using contact cement, which worked well enough......after a while, the resonators caused the leather to stretch and sag a little bit......they were just too heavy.
01/28/2014 - Corey Morris asks: Insertable Baffle Details "Hi Steve, I totally agree with you that from mouthpiece to mouthpiece, even of the same make and model, there are dimensional variations. Therefore, as you mentioned, customers are to send their mouthpieces to you so you can fit the baffle to their specific mouthpiece. How much are you charging, and what is the estimated time of getting the mouthpiece back after you receive it. Thanks so much, very interested, might have to hold off for a few months though since I still need the mouthpiece ready at hand." Answer:
well, since every job will be a custom job, we charge the base shop rate ($100/hr), billing for actual time. That's a lot less than my plumber, lawyer,accountant, doctor, or electrician charge me! We can turn it around in a week usually.
01/27/2014 - Coop Rod asks: Vito Sax "Steve, I have a sax that was given to me. Can you provide additional information, here is what I can share about the sax:\r\nStencil of Vito in a oval shape; Neck has a Leblanc logo; Extra key above the thumb (compared to another sax) and\r\nMouthpiece with Melodia and the Vito logo.\r\nIt has a nice sound, scratches, a little rust, the black case is pretty banged up with no marks.\r\nIt does have a number on it, I don\'t think it is the serial number from what I read.\r\nThank you, " Answer:
I really need to see some clear, detailed pictures.....please send them to sax
01/24/2014 - Bud Bowman asks: Saxgourmet Horns "Thanks for your help, may need to look at your horns if the budget allows." Answer:
Let me know how I can help in any way......feel free to call me with your questions
01/23/2014 - Bud Bowman asks: Tenor Sax "Hey Steve,\r\nI\'ve been shopping for a tenor horn for my 16 tear old son. He enjoys playing Jazz and Blues. He has played a Selmer ref 54 alto for some time. I\'ve been looking at vintage horns Martin and Buffet to name a couple. Can you tell me the difference between an early 1950\'s Dynaction and a later Super Dynaction horn? I\'m trying to stay in a budget otherwise I would just get him a M-6. Any recommendations are appreciated. By the way your new horn looks to be the bomb!\r\nThanks Bud" Answer:
the later ones have S-1 style keywork.......I owned and used one for a while......I'm pretty sure the neck and tube are the same as the older ones........why aren't you looking at our Saxgourmet horns? If you like the Buffet, you will LOVE the Voodoo Rex!
01/23/2014 - Corey Morris asks: Insertable Baffle "Hi Steve, I saw update videos of yours about the insertable baffles you were designing a couple months ago. Are those something that were successful or did you terminate that project? I was really interested in them and was wondering what the status of those insertable baffles were. Thanks!" Answer:
the problem seems to be that you have to individually fit the baffles....there is just too much variation in mouthpieces to offer "off the shelf" baffles.....we've made quite a few for customers who sent us their mouthpiece, and they've all been very happy.
01/19/2014 - bryan anderson asks: student saxophone "student saxophones Why are they made so bad some of them I have noticed some saxophones are made bad why is this I ask this because if I was to become a musician with the sound\r\nOf some of them I would want to quit because of a bady made product " Answer:
you get what you pay for.....if you buy a cheap horn from a brand you never heard of, it's really hard to have any sympathy for you....
01/19/2014 - Nate asks: How do extra notes affect the way a horn resonates? "Hey Steve, its Nate again. I was just wondering what you could tell me about the presence of additional notes on saxophones, like a high f# on a alto or tenor, and definitely the low A on baritones. Do the extensions added to make these notes possible affect a horns sound? Thank you for your time and God bless, Nate." Answer:
If properly designed (which doesn't always happen!) there is no reason that extending the range should alter the natural sound of the horn.As you may know, several of our Saxgourmet models have an extended range to high G. The problem arises when horn manufacturers don't "do the math: and fail to calculate the proper placement and configuration of the keys.
01/18/2014 - Winston Irwin asks: Curved or straight soprano? "Which is better, a curved or a straight soprano, and why? I see that you no longer make a straight soprano, so I guess you like a curved one." Answer:
I believe that a curved soprano is FAR superior......with a straight soprano you are playing directly into the floor, not your microphone or your's also hard to hear yourself with a straight soprano......this is why we only manufacture the very finest curved soprano in the world
01/14/2014 - Maurice Harris asks: Never Stick G# "Do you sell mechanism you use on your Super 400 tenor as a repair part or accessory? If so, could I add it to my Mauriat?" Answer:
Unfortunately, no.....this feature is exclusive to our horns (we use it on the Super 400 series and on the Category Five) and we don't offer it any other way. It only comes with a saxophone attached!
01/08/2014 - Kevin Sinclair asks: upper octave key "Steve,When my octave key on the neck closes, fingering G after A, it does a short series of settling bounces. I\'ve tried adjusting the spring, but am at that point of diminishing returns whereby the spring starts to be to soft making the key close sluggishly and not as responsive as desired. It happens in a fraction of a second so sound-wise it is that perceptible except for the unfavorable effect of setting the reed into \"overtone\" instability.\r\nAny experience with this and/or suggestions for remedy?" Answer:
I suspect that if you have adjusted the spring tension properly that the problem lies with some minor binding in the mechanism. Disassemble the entire mechanism and be certain that each part moves perfectly freely on its rod. While you have it taken apart, be sure that all of the silencing materials are perfectly smooth.This is a good time to replace any cork or felt with Teflon. You didn't tell me the brand and model of the horn, and this makes diagnoses extremely difficult.since there is a great deal of differentiation.
01/06/2014 - Michael asks: Saxophone case "I recently got a Reference 54 alto and love it, however the molded case that it came in is far too small to cary anywhere near all my gear with me, and I am fairly mobile as I am in an Army band. I am looking at a Protech Pro Pac case but concerned about how well it will hold the saxophone in place. It seems well reviewed but I want to do my due diligence. In my many years of playing I have never dropped a case from more than a foot high, but I do want to have my bases covered. What is your opinion of this pairing, and/or what case would you recommend for a budget? I know Bam makes selmer cases, but they are pricey." Answer:
Money spent for a good case is the best money you can spend, and a case (particularly as much as you travel) is not the place to "cheap out".....I highly recommend Walt Johnson cases......I've used them myself for many years, often in conjunction with Anvil flight sure to ALWAYS keep your horn in key clamps when traveling.....this will help prevent damage. Let me know if I can help you in any way!
01/04/2014 - Bob Barton asks: Plastic Saxophones "What is your take on the plastic saxophones recently introduced by Vibrato-sax?" Answer:
I think it may prove to be a good idea, but right now their execution of the concept is not too good. There are some real issues with pitch and intonation. Another issue is that the price has risen to the point that there is no longer a price advantage enjoyed by the Vibrato-Sax. For the same money, you can buy a better playing conventional saxophone. I think the only advantage they currently have is novelty.
01/01/2014 - Bivens Hall asks: Saxgourmet@NAMM "I just read a list of exhibitors at the upcoming NAMM show and noticed that Saxgourmet was not listed. Will you be attending? Is there somewhere at the show I can try your horns?" Answer:
We stopped exhibiting at the NAMM show when we eliminated our dealer network and began selling our horns direct from our website only. I'd love to go to the show, but just don't have the time. You can try our horns using our home trial plan, or you can visit our showroom in New Orleans, or you can try them at MusicMedic's showroom in Wilmington, NC
12/29/2013 - Brian Johnson asks: Low F # key guard needed for older Mark VI tenor sax (Never "Hi Steve, (Miss your articles now that Sax Symposium went belly-up.)\r\n\r\ni bought a new key guard that would fit but it is no where near the style of the ones on the horn. Do you have anything that would be more like the original?\r\n\r\nThanks for any help you can offer.\r\n\r\nBrian Johnson, Davis, near Sacramento, CA.\r\n\r\n" Answer:
I don't have one in any of my parts drawers, but I've got a VI tenor in the warehouse I've been "parting out" for years......I'll see if it` still has that key guard.....I think it does
12/26/2013 - Nate asks: Are there any other alloy\'s/materials? "Thank you for answering my question about finishes. I\'d just like to know if there are any other alloys that you know of that are used to make saxophones, and how those materials affect the instrument\'s sound. Thank you for your time, and God bless. " Answer:
Most saxophones are made from a brass alloy that is around 30% zinc and 70% copper.....if you increase the amount of copper and decrease the amount of zinc, the horn will be darker.....increase the zinc and it will be brighter.......bronze, which contains copper and tin, is also fairly dark.....silver responds quickly, and is a little bright sounding......nickel silver less so......
12/25/2013 - Nate asks: different platings/finishes "Sup Steve. After watching some of your youtube videos and reading some of your articles, I\'ve come to the conclusion you must be quite knowledgable of the saxophone. This is a question I\'ve had in mind a while, and I am saving up to get a new alto sax as I plan to persevere a career playing, so I thought I\'d ask; How do different platings and finishes affect a saxophone\'s sound? I\'d like to know what you can tell me about these finishes specifically: honey gold, cognac gold, unlacquered(or no finish), gold plated, silver plated, black nickel plated, nickel plated and brushed nickel finish. I\'d like to know which of these finishes can give me a sound that\'s big and clear with a solid tonal core, and can be made bright or dark by me changing my embouchre. In other words, which of these finishes would give the most versatile sound which could be shaped by the player? The sax I\'d like to get has an 82% copper content (just thought that would help you out.). God bless and merry CHRISTmas, Nate " Answer:
the finish has absolutely no effect whatsoever of any form or fashion on the sound or the response of a na.....the final finish, whether it is lacquer or plating, is typically about 3/10.000ths of an inch thick....far too thin to have any effect.....the thing that makes the difference is the alloy used to make the horn.....every alloy has a different resonance pattern.....generally, more copper yields more lower overtones, more zinc makes the horn brighter, and sterling silver quickens the response
12/23/2013 - Brian White asks: Vento Bass Saxophone "Hello Steve,\r\nMy name is Brian and I\'ve been looking for a good bass saxophone for a while now. I saw the posting that you shared from ebay and I\'m curious. It\'s a Vento Conn copy that sold for $3000. I\'ve Vento and I\'ve seen Orpheo bass saxophones at for around the same price; maybe $3500 +/-. I\'ve also seen a bass sax called The Hawk. I think they tried to pay job age to Coleman Hawkins and it came in various finishes.\r\nI really want a bass sax but seeing as how offering from Selmer and Keilwerth are the price of a fully loaded car or truck they can be pretty hard to afford on my salary.\r\nIs this a descent bass sax to go with or am I better off going with International Woodwinds or something like that?" Answer:
the International Woodwinds horn is the very same......there are two factories in China which manufacture bass saxophones: Jinyin, which makes a "Conn style" and Jinbao, which makes a "Selmer stye".....the bass called the Hawk has nothing to do with Coleman Hawkins.....the USA representative for the company is named Hawk Yan.....I have known him and done business with him for many years.....I rather doubt that anybody at Jinyin has a clue who Coleman Hawkins is......the Jinyin made bass is not bad.....if you buy one, expect to have to throw some money at it to get it adjusted and de-leaked......their set up works is, to be kind, terrible
12/23/2013 - Bob Barton asks: Best silver polish "I have an old Conn tenor which is silver plated. It needed a good polishing when I got it, and hasn\'t gotten any better on its own in the five years I\'ve owned it. What type silver polish do you recommend?" Answer:
I use nothing but Flitz brand polish
12/22/2013 - Billy Holder asks: what\'s that horn you\'re holding in the picture? "As I look closely, it\'s not a Super 400 or a Voodoo Rex. will assume it is some sort of Saxgourmet, but I don\'t recognize it. Could you enlighten us, unless it\'s an ultra top secret prototype! " Answer:
Man.... wouldn't have thought anybody would have noticed.....I had forgotten myself......that's a Saxgourmet "Marcel" classical model.....we only made a short run of them in 2005.....I still have that's strictly for classical playing.....we decided that, as good as the Marcel was, the market just wasn't big enough to warrant making a lot of them......I still use it when I'm teaching Ferling.......
12/22/2013 - Ray Plant asks: I need a 10M neck "I\'ve got an early 1950\'s 10M with a missing neck. Does your Evolution model work on a 10M? It\'s not the double socket version, BTW." Answer:
Yes, we make a 10M specific neck for your horn. Beware of anybody who tries to tell you that the same neck works on all horns. Ford parts generally don't work on Chevrolets.....We make a neck for all single socket 10M's
12/22/2013 - Will Hollis asks: The old Saxgourmet forum "Steve I used to really enjoy the forum that used to appear on your website. Why did you take it down, and could we get it back?" Answer:
it was a lot of fun, but it took a lot of my time to administer......we had lots of troll attacks......I've discontinued it in favor of Facebook groups. The groups that I maintain on Facebook are: Professional Saxophone Players Saxophones and Saxophone Equipment for Sale Saxophone Repair Saxophone Mouthpieces Saxophone and Instrument Engraving Vintage and Collector Saxophones Musician Humor Saxophone Teaching All of these groups have hundreds of members and are extremely active. The Facebook system, although not perfect, really helps to screen prospective members.
12/22/2013 - Steve Fraizer asks: Leveling rolled tone holes "My Conn 6M has a few tone holes that are not level. I\'ve heard of several different ways to get them trued up, but would like your take on the best method." Answer:
You should leave well enough alone unless the tone hole is really out of kilter! Adjust the pad if at all possible. If you simply must level the tone hole, do NOT do so by hammering underneath the tone hole to raise portions of it! This changes the bore diameter and does other damage that may be next to impossible to fix. When I must get one level, I use an old Conn Reso-Pad ring of the correct diameter and solder it onto the top of the tone hole. These can be easily adjusted, and won't damage the horn.
12/22/2013 - Johnny Sebley asks: Which are best: stainless or blued needle springs "Steve: I'm getting my horn redone and have given the choice between stainless steel or blued steel springs. Which are best, and why?" Answer:
I'm not aware of any stainless steel springs that are the same quality as the blued springs which are available. Kraus Musical used to sell some great ones, but they've been discontinued. The advantage of stainless was that it didn't rust.....well, we are now going one better: we have available our high quality blued steel springs with 18Kt gold plate.....beautiful to look at, they also don't rust
11/20/2013 - Corey Morris asks: Narrowing side rails "Hi Steve, I have a quick question about mouthpiece work. I was thinking about slightly narrowing the side rails on my metal Otto Link. Some of the response isn\'t as quick as I\'d like, so I thought I\'d narrow them a tad. Is there anything I should be aware of when doing this that could cause problems? Do I have to compensate by adjusting any other aspect of the mouthpiece? Thanks!" Answer:
the main thing to keep ion mind is to narrow the rails, not alter the facing VERY careful!......if you only want to narrow the rails, do it from the inside......give me a call if I can answer any questions
08/13/2013 - Ernesto J. Ponce asks: Unison 6003L "Greetings,\\r\\n So last year when I was looking for an affordable tenor I found an 6003L on-line and was able to snag it for $500. I play pretty regularly with a couple groups around the Baltimore area and I\\\'ve been playing my keyboard player\\\'s YAS-62 II; had the Unison on the side as I just assumed the Yamaha was a better horn. And it is in many ways; I find the 62 to be precise, consistent, and the build is as solid as it gets, but..... I hate playing that thing! Un-inspiring and sterile is the only way I can describe it. So, I pulled the Unison out and found that it feels so much more like I want a sax to feel like, and I didn\\\'t get that harsh, stringent tone I was getting mainly in the upper register of the Yamaha. To me, it actually felt more like a \\\"pro\\\" horn, at least in the sense of resonance, resistance, harmonic complexity, etc. I can make the Unison sing more than I can the Yamaha.\\r\\n So my question is this. It will be a while until I can afford a \\\"pro\\\" horn so I was wondering what are the smartest (most affordable) modifications I can make to this horn? If I\\\'m looking for a new neck, which one\\\'s will fit? I think the horn has personality and I\\\'m probably going to keep it for a backup eventually, but to your knowledge were these Unison\\\'s solid instruments or should I expect them to \\\"not hold\\\" well and fall apart down the road, like some of the other early Taiwanese horns. Also, the one concern I have with this horn is the intonation, as I have found that in a group setting, I\\\'m getting a little \\\"wackiness\\\" in the upper \\\"A\\\" and \\\"G\\\" area. Is there any way to correct this? Right now I\\\'m playing a Vandoren Jumbo Java T45 usually with Rico, Rico Plasticover 2.5\\\'s, sometimes a Forestone.\\r\\n Apologize for so many questions, but any information you can give is REALLY appreciated.\\r\\nThanks for your time,\\r\\nErnesto Ponce" Answer:
Unisons are very nice instruments......I worked for them about 15 years ago as their designer......get our solid copper neck with nodal will really open up the tonal spectrum....our Fat Boy alto mouthpiece will improve the response and intonation....let me know if you have any more questions!
08/12/2013 - Marcus Bettencourt asks: Sax Rax Stands "Hi Mr. Goodson, \\r\\n\\r\\n My name is Marcus Bettencourt and I am a current member of the saxophonist page and I found out about SaxRax through some of the other members of the page and they swear by them. I currently play saxophone and double on Flute and Clarinet in the California Bay Area and I am looking into purchasing a new sax stand and have done my research and have come to the ultimate conclusion that SaxRax is the way to go! I had a couple questions about the doubling capabilities of the stand and if they happen to come with doubling pegs for english horn or oboe or if the pegs are universally fit for these instruments? If so how many slots are available to put pegs on the side shoots? Also, with the way the stands hold the saxophone has there been any concerns about the bell flare or front of the bell becoming dented or bending?\\r\\n\\r\\nThanks, \\r\\n\\r\\nMarcus Bettencourt" Answer:
Marcus: The clarinet peg works just fine for oboe.....I\'ve never tried an English horn on tat peg, but don\'t think there would be any problem at all....there are two peg slots......I have never seen or heard of any bell damage of any form or fashion resulting from the use of SaxRax stands.....let me know if you have any further questions!
08/09/2013 - Ian Thurnwald asks: Contact Us does not work "test ... and neither does this!" Answer:
seems to work perfectly
08/02/2013 - Corey Morris asks: Category 3 Tenor "Hi Steve, just wanted to know how your Category 3 tenor was coming along and when we will start to see some of your review videos on it. I think I saw talk of it\\\'s development before the site crashed. Glad to see the website back up and running again; the new look looks great!" Answer:
Corey: the owner of the factory who will build this horn for us is making a trip from Taiwan to visit with me in New Orleans NEXT WEEK so we can discuss this project face to usual, it has so far cost more and taken longer than I had planned!
07/31/2013 - Donny Nockley asks: Travel Cases "Steve:\\r\\nWho do you think makes the most heavy duty case for my tenor? I\\\'m going on an extended trip overseas, and will be using a wide variety of transportation, including plane, train, and bus. Protection is the top priority for me." Answer:
When it comes to the ultimate protection, there\'s only one: Anvil.....nothing else comes close.......expensive, heavy, inconvenient, and well worth it.....

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